The Queendom Beauty Box

The Queendom Beauty Bus is not only a leading mobile Beauty Shop, but we offer consumers the opportunity to support other small Black Owned Beauty Brands all over the world. Instead of you having to seek out products specifically made for your beauty needs individually, you can purchase The Queendom Beauty Box and sample different high quality beauty products made by women of color for women of color.


Beauty Box


This Beauty Box is one of a kind, as it only features brands by Black women and other women of color. For every subscription purchased a Queen In Need will receive The Crowned Case, a free self care pack. Not only are you supporting our business, you'll be making a beautiful woman's day by providing her something so many of us take for granted.


Dominica Duvall


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What's In the Box?


Founded By: Destinie Ray

Destinie Ray is determined to provide her quality services to enhance the physical appearance of a person. Her passion for knowledge in the dynamic, ever-changing skincare/beauty industry ensures that she stays updated with the latest technologies and cutting edge ingredients in the skincare, which she loves to share with her clients. As a self-professed "beauty junkie" she continues to enjoy searching for the best in unique and "must have" beauty items and services. Her approach is one that encompasses all of the technical knowledge with a relaxing and soothing touch.

Founded By: Renee Williams

Black Park Skincare is an organic, natural skincare brand based out of Philadelphia. Every product is crafted by hand, on-demand . They believe in ethical practices, and cruelty-free products. Renee loves her skin, and developed products to nourish and cultivate her skin and yours! The products are curated so that customers can read and know exactly what they are putting on their skin. 


Founded By: Morgan Anderson

The Scarlet Line was founded by Morgan Anderson. She believes in providing quality products above all. Every product is handmade with natural ingredients to ensure that you receive the best quality for the best price. Morgan is committed to only providing products that she would wear herself. 


Founded By: Alexus Edwards

Pure Love Natural Skincare Essentials provides organic skincare for all skin types but especially for problem skin such as acne prone, discoloration, eczema and much more. What sets them apart is their passion to serve the community. As a person that struggled to regain her confidence because of acne, Alexus has made it her personal mission to use her company as a platform to cultivate an attitude of self-love and appreciation. Pure Love believes that that is where the true beauty comes from. When you know and believe that you are beautiful on the inside, that beauty will shine on the outside and nothing or anyone will ever be able to take it away.